Playground Safety Inspections

Playgrounds are designed to provide a fun and exciting place for children to play and develop.

Playground safety inspections are crucial for any playground

The benefits of a regular and thorough playground safety inspection program are:

  • Reduction in potential playground injuries
  • Efficient planning and budgeting
  • Effective use of resources

The standards dealing with playground equipment are designed to ensure that playgrounds are safe while still providing enough challenge to stimulate children’s interest and encourage their development. Designers and operators of playgrounds have a responsibility to ensure that their playgrounds are free of unacceptable risk.

Playground Safety Inspections and Audits

Play Check is accredited as a level 3 playground inspector through the University of Technology Sydney. We provide all aspects of playground safety audits and inspections, from post installation inspections and comprehensive annual inspections to regular operational inspections, assessing playgrounds against the requirements of the AS 4685 series of Standards.  We are also a WALGA preferred supplier.

Post-Installation Comprehensive Playground Safety Inspections

This inspection is used to verify that the playground has been installed in compliance with the requirements of the playground Standards and is ready for use. A written report is provided, detailing any recommendations for rectifying non-conformances.

Comprehensive Playground Safety Inspections (annual)

An inspection used to determine the overall safety and condition of the playground, including any equipment and surfacing. The purpose of the comprehensive Playground Inspection is to identify any non-conformances, potential hazards and maintenance issues. Non-conformances are assessed and reported with a level of risk based on a risk assessment process. A written report is provided, with photos and description of the issues identified, risk rating, recommended solutions and a priority rating.

Operational Playground Safety Inspections (quarterly)

An operational inspection is used to check the operation and stability of the equipment, wear on moving parts, missing or broken parts and the condition of the under-surfacing.A written report is provided, with photos and description of the issues identified, risk rating, recommended solutions and a priority rating.

Nature-based play

Nature play has become increasingly popular in playgrounds over recent years. Play Check provide advice and assessment on the use of natural play elements in playground settings. While many such elements clearly fall under the umbrella of the Standards there is a need to engage a risk/benefit assessment approach in terms of the application of relevant standards requirements.

Play Check work with the designers and builders of nature-based playgrounds in the following areas:

  • Checking plans and designs for compliance with Australian Standards
  • Site assessments during construction to ensure no unacceptable hazards are present
  • Providing post-installation certification

Our quality advice is backed up by our Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances, ensuring you have the peace of mind knowing that your playground has been assessed by a professional.

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Playground Safety Inspections
Playground Safety Inspections