Playground Safety Workshops

Play Check provides tailored in-house playground safety workshops for those required to undertake playground inspections, as well as those involved in the design and development of playgrounds.

We provide a detailed overview of how to manage risk in playgrounds.  It is important to understand that the playground Standards themselves do not advocate risk free playgrounds. They recognise that children need opportunities to learn to manage risk and to experience challenge in a play environment. Our training deals with identifying which risks may be acceptable and how to eliminate hazards that may lead to serious injury. Many risks in a playground are easy for children to recognise and assess, while other hazards, often unforeseeable to a child, are the ones that should be eliminated.

Our Playground Safety Workshops offer an interactive workshop style format, combined with an on-site practical component, the key elements of the standards AS 4685:2014 series, AS 4486.1–1997 and AS 4422–1996 are covered.

The following key areas are covered in our workshops:

  • Managing risk in playgrounds
  • Conducting a risk/benefit assessment
  • Determining the free height of fall
  • Determining the extent of the impact area, falling space and free space
  • Protection against injuries during movement and falling
  • Surfacing requirements
  • Protection against entrapment
  • Moving parts

Not all non-compliances on a playground are unsafe and not all Standards compliant playgrounds are completely free of problems. How do you determine which issues require action and which can be left? These are some of the issues we cover during our workshops.

Participants in Play Check’s playground safety workshops will also receive a user-friendly guide to the standard in a format that will be a ready reference for those working in the play sector.

Talk to us about how we can tailor a program to meet your specific requirements.

Playground Safety Training