Surface Impact Testing

A critical element of any playground is the under surfacing. That’s what Surface Impact Testing is all about.

One of the most commonly neglected aspects of a playground is the under-surfacing. It is easy to spot a damaged or missing piece of equipment in the playground, but more difficult to assess whether the surface below the playground is adequate to perform the task for which it has been designed.

Playground surfacing must have sufficient impact absorbing properties to minimize the likelihood of injury during falls from the playground.

Loose-fill surfaces can easily become depleted over time due to displacement or compaction and need to be monitored. It is recommended that the depth of loose-fill surfacing be checked frequently for adequacy.

Unitary surfaces, such as rubber, can loose their impact absorbing properties as they age. These surfaces should be tested upon installation and periodically thereafter.

Play Check provides an onsite surface impact testing service, utilizing state-of-the-art Triax 2015 testing equipment, in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 4422:2016.

Materials we test include:

  • Rubber under-surfacing
  • Loose-fill materials (including sand, pine bark, etc)

We can also provide advice regarding the type of playground surfacing that is best in various applications.

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